Frequently Asked Questions for Photography:
Q:Do you shoot black & white as well as color, and what other special effects and techniques do you use with your photography?
A:We shoot high resolution Digital in color and any image can be changed into Black & White. We have every image cropped, and corrected with as close as possible image-to-image color and density. We make variations of selected Photos in sepia, hand tinted look, black & white, black & white with color flowers, and composites. This is all done before we make you your 4" x 5" numbered Prints in a Box or Wedding Magazine of these handcrafted images for your selection for the final Wedding Album. This added service is part of your wedding Package Price and this makes us a very unique provider of Wedding Photography.
Q:Are the Special effects, Black & White, Sepia and composites reprint prices the same as regular prints?
A:Yes, all the special reprints are the same price as regular reprints.
Q:What do you do to protect my Wedding Photo image files?
A:We back up all stages from camera originals to final image files backed up on DVDs for safety and security. These are stored in a safe for added protection!
Q:We have family and friends who live out of town. Do you post your images online?
A:Yes, we post your images online.
Q:Do you give us a high resolution CD of all of the images?
A:Being a professional photographer means more than just photographing a wedding and providing you with the wedding images and then your finished album. It also means seeing that each and every print is processed correctly. We check each image before sending it to the professional lab and we check each print when we receive it from the lab to make sure that the color and density is correct. If everything is not correct with the print then the print goes back to the lab. However, we do provide a DVD of the images in the Box of 4" x 5" numbered Prints or Wedding Magazine with printing rights with all of our packages.
Q:Can other people send their orders to you directly?
A:Yes, they can, but if the Bride and Groom take the orders and collect all of the money then they can receive one Free 8" x 10" for each $100.00 of reprints if order is received by due date and order pages are completed. If we take the orders, then they would not receive the Free Photos and we would need to charge postage and handling.
Q:Will you personally be taking the photographs of my wedding?
A:Jane and I will be photographing your wedding as a team to insure that you have the wedding coverage that you need.
Q:Do you have back up equipment in the event of a problem?
A:Yes, we bring 5 professional digital cameras and multiple flash systems to every wedding.
Q:How do I relate to you the kind of photography I want you to do for me?
A:I have a worksheet with suggested photographs listed. You can personalize this list to fill your own Photography needs of Traditional, Candid, or Journalistic Coverage.
Q:How many hours do your prices include?
A:It varies. Each package has a different amount of time allocated. See Photo Package descriptions for amount of time allotted.
Q:What is the charge if the reception should last longer than planned?
A:We charge $100.00 per hour for overtime.
Q:Will you stay through the cake cutting and garter toss?
A:Yes, I will stay the allotted time of the photo package you have chosen.
Q:How much time will you need to allow for the formal wedding photos taken before the ceremony?
A:Photography will start promptly 2 hours or more before the ceremony. This requires all members of wedding party and family members to be completely dressed with flowers pinned on ready for photography.
Q:How much time will you need after the ceremony for wedding photos?
A:The pictures of the bride and groom together with wedding party and family members will be started as soon as possible after the ceremony and should take 30 minutes. (Please do not include the receiving line as part of this 30 minutes)
Q:What about Parent's Albums?
A:Parents Albums are included on some of our photo packages. If you purchase a photo package that does not include parents albums, they may be purchased at an additional cost. Please see photo package descriptions.
Q:What do engagement photos cost?
A:An engagement photo session is included with every package that we book except the Shoot, Correct and Deliver DVD package. It includes a choice of images for you to pick for your 16" x 20" signature print and 3 5" x 7"s or you may choose a Standard Signature Book. Some packages include Premium Signature Book. See package description.
Q:Do you make Signature Photos for use at the reception?
A:An engagement photo session is included with every package that we book. It includes a choice of images for you to pick for your 16" x 20" signature print and 3 5" x 7"s or you may choose a Standard Signature Book. Some packages include Premium Signature Book. See package description.
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Q:What happens if you are ill and cannot shoot my wedding?
A:I would make contact with my backup network of Professional Photographers and call you to let you know of my need to have someone shoot your wedding for me. You will still be able to have us do all the special work for you.
Q:When will my Box of numbered 4" x 5" prints be ready?
A:Depending on the season, between 4 and 5 weeks.
Q:How long will the reprints take once they have been ordered?
A:Again, depending on the season, 2 or 3 weeks.
Q:How many years do you keep the Digital Media?
A:I keep the CD containing the Digital Images 5 years.
Q:What do you wear when photographing a wedding?
A:I wear navy slacks, sports coat, tie. And Jane wears navy blue jacket top,and slacks.
Q:Are you a member of a professional photographers association?
A:Yes, Currently member of: PPA (Professional Photographers of America). For more information see our Biography.
Q:Are you covered by insurance in the event of a disaster?
A:Yes, we are covered by the PPA indemnity Insurance. It will cover redoing a Wedding and reception for photography if necessary. We also carry Business Liability Insurance.