Helpful Hints

To make activities run smoother and make the photography less time consuming
  1. We need to start 2 or more hours before the wedding. This does not mean arriving at the church 2 hours before the wedding. Please make sure that the air conditioner is turned on in the church early. Please make sure the flowers are at the church 2 ½ hours early for the photo session.

  2. At the rehearsal, please remind all people involved with the wedding that photography will be taken 2 hours before the actual time of the wedding; i.e. Parents, attendants, small family groups, brothers and sisters, grandparents, also tell both sides of the family that this includes them.

  3. If everyone is present, the photography session after the wedding up front in the church, can be done quickly and efficiently in a time of about 30 minutes. It is our desire to help you and your family to get to the reception as soon as possible.

  4. Large family group photographs are best when taken in the church immediately after the wedding. Please make sure that everyone to be included knows that we will take this first so that they can go on to the reception. I can take these group shots at the reception but they are not as pleasing when done there.

NOTE: To save money: don't have the limo there until you really need it, not right when the wedding is over due to the 30 minute photo session. If you have a Receiving Line, do not include this in your 30 minute Photography Session.

I do not direct weddings or receptions, but I will always be available to help you with any questions or needed advice. You may decide when or if you want to go through the food line, cut the cake, toast, dance, throw the garter, or bouquet, etc. I will be there to assist you with suggestions to make the pictures look nice.

I do not rush the bride and groom through these activities. I believe that they should enjoy their wedding day.